Best Pilates Resistance Bands

Using resistance bands is one of the best ways to add intensity to your Pilates workout. Its use is so widespread it’s become essential equipment along with the trusty exercise mat. There are main two types of bands for you to consider: flat bands and tube bands. Since either excels in different applications and has… Read More »

Best Resistance Bands for P90X

Just like there’s no perfect workout routine for everyone, choosing the right resistance bands for P90X depends on how far you want to go with the program. The most important criteria to consider are: Your level of fitness: Bodylastics and Beachbody B-LINES resistance band sets are geared towards two main groups. First, people of average… Read More »

How Long Do Resistance Bands Last?

Some equipment in your home gym can last a lifetime. Cast iron weights and hex dumbbells come to mind. Resistance bands are durable but they’re subject to wear and tear. Just like your trusty running shoes, the materials necessary to serve its purpose can only last so long. There are three main factors that determine… Read More »

Sports Injury Rehab with Resistance Bands

If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to suffer with a sports-related injury that has kept you on the sidelines for several weeks/months, when the time comes for rehab it’s important to find a rehabilitation program that works for you. Sports injuries can be incredibly painful, and often require surgery and an extensive rehab program before… Read More »