Tips to Stop Resistance Bands from Snapping

The popularity of resistance bands has increased significantly over the years, but education about their proper use often hasn’t kept up. Although efficient, inexpensive and easy to use, some practical knowledge is needed to avoid breaking bands during exercise. Resistance bands pose hazards just as other fitness equipment, when not treated properly. The two main… Read More »

Are Resistance Bands Effective?

Resistance bands have an unassuming look compared to the die-cast metal of dumbbells and hefty exercise machines we’re used to seeing in the gym. It’s common for people to wonder if a super thin band of latex or rubber tube really can offer a serious workout, especially when it’s use is synonymous with yoga, Pilates,… Read More »

Best Resistance Bands for Beginners

So you’ve decided resistance bands should be a part of your workout routine but are wondering where to start. As a beginner a major factor to consider is if you want to go with flat or tube resistance bands. Light resistance ratings suitable for the neophyte are available with tube style bands however there is… Read More »

Adjustable Dumbbells vs Resistance Bands

We’ve got more ways to work out than ever. While it’s a great thing, it can also cause us to second guess if the methods we’re accustomed to using to break a sweat are really the best for us. Two of the latest alternatives to traditional free-weights are resistance bands and incredibly engineered adjustable dumbbells.… Read More »

Flat Resistance Bands vs Tubes: How to Choose

Technically resistance tubes are made of rubber compound while its cousin, resistance bands, are most commonly made from flat strips of latex. Manufacturers tend to use the term “resistance bands” to describe both types interchangeably. Don’t be fooled however; there are meaningful differences between the two as well as pros and cons to consider. Pros… Read More »

Bodylastics vs Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands

Although there are other viable options Bodylastics and Black Mountain Products dominate in terms of online sales of tube-style resistance bands. Beyond offering good quality at a fair price, another significant contributing factor is that both companies offer sets containing everything you need to deeply explore the possibilities of exercising with resistance bands right out… Read More »

Best Pilates Resistance Bands

Using resistance bands is one of the best ways to add intensity to your Pilates workout. Its use is so widespread it’s become essential equipment along with the trusty exercise mat. There are main two types of bands for you to consider: flat bands and tube bands. Since either excel in different applications and have… Read More »