Get Toned for Summer with Outdoor Resistance Band Exercises

By | May 16, 2024

Want to look your best at the beach this summer? Enjoy one of the advantages of resistance bands and get outside for your next workout.

If you feel a magnetic attraction to the outdoors when you want to break a sweat, you’re not alone. A survey by RunRepeat found that 72 percent of gym goers expected to exercise outdoors in the following year. It’s a growing trend that could be destined to become a full-fledged movement.

An interesting aspect of using resistance bands outside is that the world is your playground. Although you lose the ability to use a door anchor, possibilities such as wrapping your resistance band around a goalpost or a small tree open up.

There’s no shortage of resistance band exercises you can do outside. This article gives you staple exercises that work well in outdoor environments such as parks or your backyard.

Why Resistance Bands?

With dumbbells, using proper form is important. Gravity pushes weight down and you compensate for this by slowing down the momentum at the end of an exercise. This can lead to overextended joints, strain, torn muscles, and even injuries.

Resistance bands are forgiving in terms of technique. This makes them ideal for working out outdoors since you can take in your surroundings and be carefree about it.

A lot of workout equipment isn’t that practical to use outside, but resistance bands are an exception.

When it comes to portability, resistance bands can’t be topped. Sets are great indoors but outside can do plenty with just one well-chosen resistance band that you find versatile. Usually, it’s best to go with a band that doesn’t have the highest level of resistance or the lowest.

Resistance bands are super lightweight and they’re ideal for packing in a bag or backpack. This benefit shines for those who go to their workout destination on foot.

Boost your Mental and Physical Health by Soaking Up the Sun

Did you know studies have found that outdoor workouts lower a person’s blood pressure and heart rate?

When you do physical activity outdoors, you’re killing two birds with one stone. One, fresh air and sunshine improve your mood. Two, you’re getting additional mental health benefits when you move your body, as well as boosting your energy, increasing bone strength, building healthy muscles, and more.

During spring, summer, and fall, outdoor exercise is an option worth considering. It goes beyond getting in your workout and becomes about feeling good and pausing to smell the flowers.

Standing Bicep Curls

  1. Bend down while allowing the center of your resistance band to touch the ground. Step on the middle of the band with your left foot and then your right. Position your feet so they are hip-width apart. Bring your hands together to test if you’re even, and adjust if needed. Now, stand up.
  2. Curl your left arm up so it reaches just under your shoulder at the end of the motion.
  3. Repeat with your right arm.
  4. Do 14 to 20 reps.

Standing Tricep Extensions

  1. Put your resistance band underneath one foot and position your opposite foot one small step forward. Pull the band up so it’s at the back of your body.
  2. Raise both arms so your elbows are parallel to your forehead. Bend your elbows so your hands are behind your head.
  3. Extend your hands directly towards the sky so your arms are straight overhead. Lower them to the starting position.
  4. Do 14 to 20 reps.


  1. Step onto the resistance band with your feet hip-width apart. With the bands touching behind your arms, pull the handles up so the bands are parallel to your chin.
  2. Squat down like you would to sit down on a chair. Once you reach the bottom, hold this position for five to eight seconds.
  3. Move your body back up to the starting position with your glutes.
  4. Do 10 to 12 reps.


  1. Step on the resistance band with your left foot and move it forward. Bring your right foot back so your heel lifts while your toes stay on the ground. Lift the handles to your shoulders with your elbows bent.
  2. Move down by bending your knees and stop once your right knee touches the ground. Lift your body back up to the starting position.
  3. Do 10 to 12 reps.

Standing Rows

  1. Wrap your resistance band around a fixed object such as a post or tree. Make sure it’s centered. Back up so the bands will give you the desired amount of tension. Assume a shoulder-width stance and slightly bend your knees.
  2. Pull the handles towards you and stop when they reach the front of your body. You should feel your lats doing the work.
  3. Stop pulling back and let your arms move to the starting position.
  4. Do 14 to 20 reps.

Lat Pull Downs

  1. Wrap your resistance band around a horizontal post such as a soccer goal. While grasping the handles, drop down to your knees.
  2. Pull down your arms so your elbows are just below your chest. Allow the tension in the bands to raise your arms to the starting position.
  3. Do 14 to 20 reps.


Exercising outdoors isn’t just good for your mood and body, it’s creatively stimulating too.

Once you’re basking in the sunshine and the door anchor is no longer a relevant accessory, so many possibilities open up. You can wrap your resistance band around a stop sign or a swing set post, just to name a couple of ideas.

If you swear you’ve noticed more people exercising outdoors this year than the last, you could be on to something. People are opening up their minds to the notion that getting active outside with resistance bands is a great opportunity when the beautiful weather arrives.