Top 3 Resistance Band Sets Reviewed

workoutThanks to the surge of intense, back-to-basics programs like P90X, FOCUS T25, and INSANITY, people are realizing they don’t need expensive equipment to get a serious workout.

Resistance bands are amazingly versatile, no matter your level of fitness. You’ll never get bored of doing the same exercises as there are thousands to learn, try out, and include in your routine.

Although there are many brands out there, most aren’t worth considering. We’ll be looking at the TOP-selling, most reviewed sets on Offerings from Black Mountain Products, Bodylastics, and Wailea Fitness are reviewed here. Note that if you’re interested in picking up individual resistance bands rather than a set, the SPRI Xertube series can’t be beat.

Although the sets are similar according to specs, differences in band and component quality are analyzed in full reviews. As resistance bands can snap prematurely or after heavy use, warranty is a significant factor.

All sets include five bands and may be considered entry level. Bodylastics in particular offers more elaborate sets for bodybuilders, athletes and others with above average strength.

Bodylastics Black Mountain Products Wailea Fitness
Editor’s score 4.5/5 4.25/5 2.5/5 reviews 850+ reviews 6,000+ reviews 150+ reviews
Bands included 5 5 5
Band specs Yellow (3 lbs.)
Green (5 lbs.)
Red (8 lbs.)
Blue (13 lbs.)
Black (19 lbs.)
Yellow (2-to-4 lbs.)
Blue (4-to-6 lbs.)
Green (10-to-12 lbs.)
Black (5-to-20 lbs.)
Red (25-to-30 lbs.)
Yellow (2-to-4 lbs.)
Blue (4-to-6 lbs.)
Green (10-to-12 lbs.)
Black (15-to-20 lbs.)
Red (25-to-30 lbs.)
Handles 2 cushioned foam 2 cushioned foam 2 cushioned foam
Max. stackable resistance 96 lbs. 75 lbs. Est. 75 lbs.
Door anchor 1 (heavy duty) 1 1
Ankle strap(s) 2 (heavy duty) 1 2
Extras Workout DVD None Body fat tester
Warranty Lifetime Warranty* Limited 90-day Unknown
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#1. Bodylastics MAX TENSION Resistance Bands Set

bodylastics-MAX-TENSIONBodylastics is one of the best suppliers of resistance bands today if not the best. They offer sets in a wide variety of configurations from BASIC TENSION to the S.H.S. Mega Resistance System. We’re looking at their best selling set, MAX TENSION in order to more accurately compare with competitors.

Similar to Black Mountain’s offering MAX TENSION includes five resistance bands, door anchor, 2 ankle straps, 2 cushioned foam handles, exercise DVD, carrying bag and 3 months of free access to LIVEEXERCISE (an $18 value). On LIVEEXERCISE there are over 2000 live and on-demand workouts that will help you get the most of your resitance band. Worth checking out more of a marketing gimmick as most people are looking to use these with a popular system such as P90X or the more recent FOCUS T25.

Bands are dipped and estimated to be 99% snap resistant and failsafe by the company. Customer feedback indicates that the toughness of the bands is roughly similar to Black Mountain with a slightly higher number of reports of the product snapping.

Warrantee is the best of the three companies reviewed. Although the “lifetime warrantee” claim is a bit of a misnomer, they will replace bands and components for free within the first 90 days and for only $5.95 after (including shipping). This pushes Bodylastics to the top as the very best pick for the long haul.

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#2. Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set

black-moutain-products-resistance-bandsThis is the top-selling resistance band set on Black Mountain claims it tubes are of surgical grade. Judging from popularity and positive customer feedback there does seem to be merit to this claim of high quality. There are less frequent complaints of snapping bands than the competition.

It includes five resistance bands, door anchor, ankle strap, 2 cushioned foam handles, exercise chart and carrying bag. The lightest band is rated at 2-to-4 lbs. of resistance, while the heaviest is rated at 25-to-30 lbs. The bands can be stacked for additional resistance up to 75 lbs.

The limited 90-day warrantee on Black Mountain bands isn’t impressive when compared to their closest competitor Bodylastics. However bands that are snapped within that timeframe are replaced quickly and without much hassle as Black Mountain has a reputation for good customer service.

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#3. Wailea Fitness Resistance Band Set

wailea-fitness-resistance-bandsThis set from Wailea Fitness is gaining in popularity due to the seemingly incredible value. It includes all the important items the others brands do for around $10 less. The kit features five resistance bands, door anchor, 2 ankle straps, 2 cushioned foam handles, body fat tester, exercise chart and mesh bag.

The specs on the bands are impressive too. The lightest band handles 2-to-4 lbs. while the heaviest facilitates 25-to-30 lbs. While this looks as good as the other sets on paper, Wailea Fitness falls behind in terms of quality. Reports of snapping are prevalent among users but not bad enough to tarnish the set’s respectable 4 and ½ star rating.

In a pinch these will do and they’ll get you by if you’re a very light user. However if you pick this up to save a few bucks like most seem to be doing, the savings may dissipate in the long-term.

There were no details of a warrantee included in the package so if these snap you’re likely on your own. Bodylastics particularly is well worth the extra dough for the added security not to mention better quality tubes out of the box.

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