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Flat Resistance Bands vs Tubes: How to Choose

Technically resistance tubes are made of rubber compound while its cousin, resistance bands, are most commonly made from flat strips of latex. Manufacturers tend to use the term “resistance bands” to describe both types interchangeably. Don’t be fooled however; there are meaningful differences between the two as well as pros and cons to consider. Pros… Read More »

Bodylastics vs Black Mountain Products Resistance Bands

Although there are other viable options Bodylastics and Black Mountain Products dominate in terms of the popularity of their tube-style resistance bands. Beyond offering good quality at a fair price, another significant contributing factor is that both companies offer sets containing everything you need. Right out of the box it’s enough to deeply explore the… Read More »

Best Pilates Resistance Bands

Using resistance bands is one of the best ways to add intensity to your Pilates workout. Its use is so widespread it’s become essential equipment along with the trusty exercise mat. There are main two types of bands for you to consider: flat bands and tube bands. Since either excel in different applications and have… Read More »

Best Resistance Bands for P90X

Just like there is no perfect workout routine for everyone, choosing the right resistance bands depend on how far you want to go with the P90X system. The most important criteria to consider are: Your level of fitness: Bodylastics and Beachbody B-LINES offer sets catered towards two main groups. First, people of average strength looking… Read More »

TRX Suspension Training Kit Review

Although widely used for training in the US military, many are unaware that a workout alternative exists that is quite different from your standard resistance bands and dumbbells. While deceptively similar in appearance to resistance bands upon first glace, the way you use the TRX Suspension system couldn’t be more different. As the name implies… Read More »