5 Benefits of Band Assisted Pull-ups

By | April 14, 2019

Pull-ups are an extremely popular exercise. And for good reason! This move works many different muscles in your arms, shoulders, and back. You also need a strong core to pull yourself above the bar and slowly lower yourself down.

All of this means the pull-up is a very difficult exercise. If you do not have the strength to do a pull-up, then consider using a band to assist you. Band assisted pull-ups are a great way to build strength while still getting the benefits of the pull-up.

Here are five benefits of band assisted pull-ups:

1. Helps You Perfect Your Form

Having perfect form when you execute any type of exercise is very important. If you cannot perform a move correctly, you will not get all of the benefits of it and you run the risk of getting injured. Since pull-ups are so challenging, it is difficult to perfect your form while building strength. With a band, however, you can teach your body the proper way to grip, pull, and let yourself down without having to use your entire body weight.

2. Strengthens Your Back

Many of us spend our days hunched over a computer or phone. As a result, our back muscles become weak and our posture worsens. Exercising your back is extremely important to counteract our daily activities. Having a strong back is also important if you want to have a strong chest and core. Band assisted pull-ups strengthen both your lats and rhomboids, two big muscle groups in your back. 

3. Improves Your Everyday Strength

If you want to live a long, healthy, independent life, then building muscle is key to success. When you have strong muscles, you can do everything from taking out the trash to climbing a mountain. Pull-ups are a perfect exercise for any of these activities since it works so many muscles that are often neglected in other workouts. This can give you the extra boost you need when reaching for something on a high shelf! 

4. Increases Your Stability

Pull-ups are a great way to work your stabilizing muscles. When you do a band assisted pull-up, you must balance your body on the band in addition to engaging your core to properly execute the move. Stabilizing muscles are important because they keep you from getting injured as well as providing support for the muscles that are actively working. As a result, you can lift heavier weights and execute athletic moves with more power.

5. Improves Your Grip Strength

You might not think much about your grip strength, but it is important to keep your hands, fingers, and forearms strong. Most people never work these body parts, so doing band assisted pull-ups is a great way to improve grip strength. If play sports, then good grip strength can help improve your game. However, it is useful for everyday tasks as well, like opening jars and holding utensils.

Now Get to It!

Pull-ups are a great exercise that strengthens many different muscle groups. Using a band to help you learn the form and build strength for an unassisted pull-up is a smart way to get all the benefits of the exercise.

Start with the band that offers the most resistance and work your way down to lighter bands. With consistent practice, you’ll be able to do pull-ups with no assistance at all.

Also, don’t get a band set without reading about the best pull-up assist bands first.



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